For Supervisors

An initial appointment can be arranged by calling the OEA office at (305) 348 – 2469. Appointments are usually scheduled between 9 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday. However, alternative arrangements may be made upon request. If you call and do not reach us in person, please leave a message and indicate if it is acceptable for us to return your call. While the main OEA office is located on the Modesto Maidique campus, the office on the BBC campus is available by appointment as well. In addition, professional staff may make arrangements to travel to other locations for consultations as needed. There are three types of referrals: employee self-referral, formal supervisory referrals, and mandatory referrals.

For Supervisors

A Quick Guide to using the Office of Employee Assistance (OEA) for Department Heads & Supervisors

Educational Conversation

Speak with your employees regularly about the services and aid that the Office of Employee Assistance can provide. When it is apparent that an employee is troubled or distressed, a supervisor should encourage the use of OEA services which are available, confidential, and free of charge.

Formal Supervisory Referral

A supervisor should formally refer an employee to the OEA, after consultation with Employee and Labor Relations, when it is apparent that the employee is troubled or distressed and the supervisor detects a change in the employee’s on-the-job behavior or decline in job performance. It is not the supervisor’s job to attempt to diagnose problems, and it is important that the supervisor maintain the boundaries of the supervisory relationship. As part of the supervisory role it is reasonable to formally suggest that the employee seek services from OEA. This is appropriate when patterned absences, unusual mood changes, or clear and apparent decreases in performance are observed. With both informal and formal referrals, the OEA professional will only provide information to the supervisor at the written request of the employee to release information. Supervisors considering either informal or formal supervisory referrals should consult with Employee and Labor Relations and the Director of the Office of Employee Assistance in advance.

For Formal Supervisory Referrals

Please print and complete the Supervisor Referral Form and fax it to (305) 348 – 3903. For additional information, refer to OEA Basics for Supervisors.

Mandatory Referral

A mandatory referral to OEA requires an employee to participate in OEA as a condition of continued employment. This type of referral is made only in extreme cases of deteriorating job performance, where the individual’s continued employment is brought into question. This type of referral is initiated with the consultation of the Office of Employee Assistance, the General Counsel’s Office, the Employee & Labor Relations or other Administrative entities as determined by University Policy.